Color Play Friday – Crabpot

Welcome to Color Play Friday!

Our group of players are Lorinda -from Laurel, Poppy and Pine, Trina (my internet elf) from In An Otter Life, Steph of Shimmy and More, and Yvonne from Quilty Dream.

So this weeks #colorplayfriday was one of Trina’s pictures from her first date with Nathan.  We definitely have more color choices this time compared to last weeks.  I love color so this makes my happy.  I am really glad I joined this group.  Being forced to work with colors and palettes I’m not used to is really teaching me to stretch how I see color. This is a great skill building experience.

Trina couldn’t go wrong with her choice of pics this time.  It just makes me hungry looking at it.  Yummy buttery corn.  Hot, steamed mussels and crab.  Juicy kielbasa.  Now I need a trip to the Crab Pot.

The fabric palette makes it even more fun.  Who doesn’t love little pink hearts?  I could almost even see making a quilt with these colors.  I went with a bold rich palette to do this picture justice.

Here is my palette for the week.

Crabpot Seattle 1.29.16



My fabric choices are as follows:

Paperie by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery

Pretty Potent Flannel by Anna Maria Horner for Westminster

Ex Libre by Allison Glass for Andover

Woodland Clearing by Liesel Gibson for Kaufman

A Path Knit in Certainty by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery


Sister Sampler – Moon & Star Block 1

Yea! Block #1 of the Sister Swap is done!  If you are new to what’s going on I am doing a Sister Sampler block of the month (BOM) swap with Trina from @inanotterlife and Lorinda from @laurelpoppeyandpine.  So here is my Moon & Star block.  I can’t wait to see what the others look like.  These are so my colors!  Follow along on Instagram #bonfiresampler  @quilting_mayhem


For the newbies here is the palette Lorinda and Trina picked for us to follow using solid white background.

bonfire palette

And I can’t tell you how much in love I am with the book Sister Sampler Quilts by AnneMarie Chany.  We have it in the store and will be offering a block of the month in the store come Spring.  I’m waiting for a couple fun fabric collections to come in before working up the shop sample.


Zodiac BOM

I don’t know why block of the months are so addicting.  Maybe it’s that fact that you are only doing one block or part per month so you don’t feel like you have to rush to get it done.  I like that I feel I have more time to get through the project.  I have several block of the months (BOM) being offered at the shop along with my own personal ones I am doing at home.  Apparently I don’t think I have enough to do.

If you are looking for a foundation paper piecing BOM try joining Zodiac by Diane BOHN OF From Blank Pages.  I signed up through Craftsy but you can also go to her site to purchase the BOM.  The first month, Aquarius, was just released.  I am a little scared by all the pieces but the pattern is so pretty I have to give it a try.  I love that it comes with coloring pages so you can plan out your look ahead of time if you want to.


This pattern inspired me to create a palette of teals and lime greens. You will see some of Allison Glass Sunprints in my collection along with some Moda Grunge and even a batik with dragonflies .  Now to start planning what will be used where and start sewing.

Here are my lovelies that I have picked for the entire quilt.  So much lime green and teal happiness I don’t know what to do!



Aquarius is the first block we are working on.  I am so excited.  Here are the fabrics I chose for block one. Now to find time to piece it.  You can follow my progress on Instagram @quilting_mayhem


Color Play Friday: Jetty Sunset

Welcome to Color Play Friday!  I couldn’t resist joining the fun with Lorinda Davis of LaurelPoppyandPine , Trina Seagraves of In an Otter Life, Sarah Goer of Sarah Goer Quilts, and Yvonne of Quilty Dream.  Each week a picture is chosen and we create a palette to go with it.  This gives us the fun to play with color and match fabric.  What better way to stretch our minds and views of fabric?

So I jumped into this challenge and started with deciding the flat color palette.  Mind you I am learning all new computer tricks and techniques while doing this.  I have to give props to my “internet elf” Trina who has the most patience teaching me how to do all these posts, links and so forth.  I’m sure I’m keeping her entertained as I ask the simplest of questions with lots of ???? included in our conversations.

Once I learned how to change the color of the boxes for the palette (which was way easier than imagined, thank goodness) I got to move on to the fun part.  Playing with fabric online.  While I still am a person who likes to touch and feel fabric when I “shop” for a project I found great joy in just surfing pages of fabric pics.  Yes, I truly have an addiction and no I don’t want to cured.  So I surfed and shopped my own store first (of course) but then moved on to other online stores I might possibly frequent.  Because let’s be honest. I can’t have it all as much as I would like to.

So without further ado……Tada!! My first Color Play Friday.

Color Friday 1.22.16

Fabrics I chose:

Mendocino By Heather Ross for Windham (Coming in March)

Carkai by Carolyn Freidlander for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Good Company by Cori Dantini for Blend Fabrics

Forest Frolic by Timeless Treasures

Ever After by Deb Strain for Moda




Sister Sampler-Bonfire BOM

Most people that know me know that I fully admit to being crazy. Hence, the mayhem in Quilting Mayhem.  I am once again proving my level of crazy by joining the Sister Sampler Bonfire BOM – swap style.  I apparently should not look through blog posts during my couple days off over New Years weekend.  I found a post by GenX Quilter about her book Sister Sampler and absolutely fell in LOVE with the quilts and had to have to book.  The book came in last week and I was even more in love with her patterns and design layouts.    Of course I started talking about my infatuation with the book and next thing I know Trina from In An Otter Life and Lorinda from Laurel, Poppy and Pine are joining the Bonfire Bom and I band-wagoned right on with them.

So each month we are following along and making the blocks from Sister Sampler to make the Bonfire quilt. There are three of us in this little “sister” group so we will be making three blocks each month to swap with each other.  Lorinda and Trina picked our awesome color palette that we will be working from.  I was happy that they already started with purple and teal before asking me what color I wanted.  Why, orange of course, but I didn’t really think they’d do it.  I am so in love with this palette.

bonfire palette

The wheels have been spinning about what fabric to make the blocks with since I was given the set of colors.  Shall we mention they picked the same orange as the color of my car?  Unfortunately I ran out of time to play at work but when I got home what beauties did I find? Why my lovely little stash that I have been coveting for over a year.  I think it’s time for them to shine.  They really are perfect for this challenge.  I am sure more pieces will get added along the way and I may not use everything but it is just too perfect of a match to not use them.

bonfire fabric

Working left to right:

Grunge by Basic Grey for Moda

Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures

Rustique by Emily Herrick for Michael miller (pieces 3-5, 9)

Modern Quilt Studio for Andover

Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller

Aviary by Joel Dewberry for FreeSpirit

So let the adventure begin!  We will be posting the blocks the 4th Wednesday of every month and using #bonfiresampler if you follow us on Instagram.  @Quilting_Mayhem




Tula Pink 100 Block Challenge

Have a stash that just won’t quit?  A Tula Pink fabric fetish and want to play with her fabric?  Maybe you just want a reason to sew some simple little blocks each month. If so this challenge is for you!


Each month we are going to feature 10 blocks from Tula Pinks City Sampler book. Follow along and make the blocks using your fabrics.  By November you should have all 100 blocks from the book completed. We will then talk about block layout and how to put your quilt together.  The book has some examples in the back to get you started thinking about what you would like to do. In December we’ll have show and tell for everyone’s blocks.   The shop has two club days available each month for people to come in and work on their blocks.  We will gladly help in fabric selection and how to put the blocks together.  This is a great way to get to know your fellow quilter.

Follow along and post pictures if you can on our Facebook page and Instagram (@Quilting_Mayhem).

Use #QM100BlockChallenge to tag your pics.

If you have a blog we’ve made a badge so you can show off your participation in our challenge!

Tula Pink 100 Block Challenge

2016 UFO Challenge

If anyone saw my sewing room they’d know I need a UFO challenge.  I have them stuffed in cubbies, stacked in totes and overflowing on what is supposed to be my cutting table. I know this is a common issue for people who love to craft and sew. So, I’ve decided that people can follow the All People Quilt 2016 UFO Challenge in the shop.  I will give away some goodies every month to help keep you going.

Here is the idea:

You print out the UFO form (here) and fill it in with your project information.

On the first of each month, All People Quilt will announce a randomly selected number between 1 and 12. That number corresponds with the UFO project that you work on for the month.

At the end of the month share your progress with the quilting community by posting blogs and photos of your projects using hashtag #apqresolution and #QM2016UFOChallenge and tag us @Quilting_Mayhem.  To enter for our monthly door prizes you will need to bring in your completed project for us to see and show & tell.  Click here for the rules to qualify for monthly drawings in store and a grand prize drawing at the end of the year.

If you decided to participate they’ve created a badge to post on your social media sites to display loud and proud. 🙂

2016 UFO Challenge

Also, keep in mind that if you are struggling with your UFO’s or if you just want company while you work on them we have a UFO Survivor day or UFO Survivor night  monthly at the shop to receive help and encouragement with your projects. It is an unstructured class where we are just here to help you if you need it.

Now all that is left is to get started!!

January you will be working on project number 2!