2016 UFO Challenge

If anyone saw my sewing room they’d know I need a UFO challenge.  I have them stuffed in cubbies, stacked in totes and overflowing on what is supposed to be my cutting table. I know this is a common issue for people who love to craft and sew. So, I’ve decided that people can follow the All People Quilt 2016 UFO Challenge in the shop.  I will give away some goodies every month to help keep you going.

Here is the idea:

You print out the UFO form (here) and fill it in with your project information.

On the first of each month, All People Quilt will announce a randomly selected number between 1 and 12. That number corresponds with the UFO project that you work on for the month.

At the end of the month share your progress with the quilting community by posting blogs and photos of your projects using hashtag #apqresolution and #QM2016UFOChallenge and tag us @Quilting_Mayhem.  To enter for our monthly door prizes you will need to bring in your completed project for us to see and show & tell.  Click here for the rules to qualify for monthly drawings in store and a grand prize drawing at the end of the year.

If you decided to participate they’ve created a badge to post on your social media sites to display loud and proud. 🙂

2016 UFO Challenge

Also, keep in mind that if you are struggling with your UFO’s or if you just want company while you work on them we have a UFO Survivor day or UFO Survivor night  monthly at the shop to receive help and encouragement with your projects. It is an unstructured class where we are just here to help you if you need it.

Now all that is left is to get started!!

January you will be working on project number 2!


2 thoughts on “2016 UFO Challenge

  1. Candy

    Can you explain more about “Status Before” and “Status After”? Before and after what? Is before where I am now which may be 90% of a bag in process? or 50% of a quilt top sewn?


    1. “Status Before” is what state your UFO is in at the current time. Is it just a kit, is it cut, is it partially sewn, is it basted? This just lets us know where you started.

      The “Status After” is where are are with the project at the end of the month. Did you finish it? Is it waiting to be sent to a quilter?


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