Color Play Friday – NYC

It’s Friday! It’s Friday!  Another day to play with fabric and colors.  I had some fun this time with the bright colors within this photo.  As with all the #colorplayfriday pictures there are always options of palettes to work with.

This week I decided to go more bold than I have the in the past couple weeks.  I tried to stay a little more primary in the color choices.  I’m not sure if I had more fun picking the bright colors or the fun fabrics to go with it.

I am in love with the fishy fabric I found on Hawthorne Threads.  It’s just so darn adorable.  I don’t know how I don’t go broke looking at all the fabric every week that I always think I “have to have”.  Fortunately some self restraint kicks in somewhere. Yes, I have my own quilt shop stocked full of fabrics of love but I still find fabric I don’t have that I love.

The yellow gold with red flowers are probably my second favorite and I’m not a flowery type of girl.  Lately I have been becoming more drawn to what I would call a modern retro fabric like the yellow piece.  Fabrics by Denyse Schmidt and Another Point of View have a certain charm with their bold colors and vintage print.

On top of all this talk about bright color and fabric fun I can’t not talk about the fact that this is a picture of New York City.  This is one of my top 10 places that I want to visit. Some day I’ll get to see the big city and all it’s crazy chaos.  I think I’d fit right in!

Enough talk and let’s get to the fun part.  Here is my selection of color and fabric for this weeks Color Play Friday.

Color Play Friday NYC 2.26.16

Fabric Palette Info:

Enchanted by Alisse Courter for Camelot

La Vie Boheme by Amanda Herring for Riley Blake

Dryad by Shannon Brinkley for Fabri-Quilt

Skipping Stones by Anna Maria Horner for Westminster

Fresh Catch by Hawthorne Threads


The Nitty Gritty:

If you would like to join all us lovely ladies in Color Play Friday hop on over toTrina at InAnOtterLife or Lorinda of LaurelPoppyandPine to get the scoop on how to play along.  You won’t regret it.

Supporting Cast:

Steph of Shimmy and More

Sarah of Sarah Goer Quilts

Bethany from Not So Perfect

Yvonne from That’s Sew Creative


4 thoughts on “Color Play Friday – NYC

  1. I love that your fabrics are nature inspired in one of the most “unnatural” places in the world. I collect rocks when I visit places -you know free souvenir so i can spend my money on food and fabric – and in NYC I couldn’t find a rock -at least not one I wanted to pick up!

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  2. I like how calm you palette is, considering I never think about NYC as calm. It reminded me that just because the world around you is chaotic does not mean you have to be. I love the yellow and how the red kind of leaps off it. The fish is pretty cool too!

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  3. This week was a challenge for me to go bolder as well. My speed is usually more along the lines of the Hydrangea week, but this was fun. I think you really succeeded with your bold combination and fabric choices. Skipping stones is really beautiful.


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