Zodiac BOM – Aquarius

Well I am off and running with this new foundation piecing block of the month.  Aquarius was released from Diane Bohn of From Blank Pages and I just couldn’t wait to get it started.  I was convinced that some end of bolt fabrics had to come home with me so I made them my focus colors for this new project.  The girls always tease me that teal is my secret favorite color so I am embracing it.  The teal Dit Dot from In the Beginning Fabrics and lime green Squared by Art Gallery were my “homeless” fabrics that needed a purposed.  The rest I added to make the project complete.


I haven’t really done a lot of foundation piecing so this was a big undertaking to decide to do this year.   I was pleased to find that the pattern is very well written and even has coloring pages to plan out the block and the quilt.  While I don’t normally plan my quilts out far enough to require coloring pages I truly needed it this time.  I wanted to make sure I made the lattice show up but I also wanted to focus on some of the secondary patterns to make them pop also.



Over the weekend I tackled block #1: Aquarius and am pleased with the results.  Now to patiently wait for block #2.




Zodiac BOM

I don’t know why block of the months are so addicting.  Maybe it’s that fact that you are only doing one block or part per month so you don’t feel like you have to rush to get it done.  I like that I feel I have more time to get through the project.  I have several block of the months (BOM) being offered at the shop along with my own personal ones I am doing at home.  Apparently I don’t think I have enough to do.

If you are looking for a foundation paper piecing BOM try joining Zodiac by Diane BOHN OF From Blank Pages.  I signed up through Craftsy but you can also go to her site to purchase the BOM.  The first month, Aquarius, was just released.  I am a little scared by all the pieces but the pattern is so pretty I have to give it a try.  I love that it comes with coloring pages so you can plan out your look ahead of time if you want to.


This pattern inspired me to create a palette of teals and lime greens. You will see some of Allison Glass Sunprints in my collection along with some Moda Grunge and even a batik with dragonflies .  Now to start planning what will be used where and start sewing.

Here are my lovelies that I have picked for the entire quilt.  So much lime green and teal happiness I don’t know what to do!



Aquarius is the first block we are working on.  I am so excited.  Here are the fabrics I chose for block one. Now to find time to piece it.  You can follow my progress on Instagram @quilting_mayhem